Pixel Line Light (Professional Version)

Item No.: XPL-48P16
Professional IP65 protection grade DMX protocol pixel line light, efficient dimming performance, effectively avoiding and obviously different from the jitter of SPI pixel light dimming. Widely used for various professional performances, night clubs, renta
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technical parameter;
-Professional performance without color difference series
-Use high brightness SMD RGB 5050 LED lamp beads
-PCB uses solid capacitors, long service life
-Power supply: 36-48V DC
-Cast aluminum housing, free to splice any shape on three sides
-Standard DMX512 control protocol
-DMX address can be automatically set to overlay
-With the support of the Artnet controller, the communication between the lamp and the lamp is perfectly synchronized
-Protection mode: hot plug, connected to the power supply


Model XPB-A1S XPB-A1/B1-H XPB-A1/B1
Product size 25*26*250mm 25*26*500mm 25*26*1000mm
Number of LED lamp beads 12PCS 24/30PCS 60PCS
Beam angle 120° 120° 120°
Voltage 12V DC
12V/36-48V (PI) DC                         12V/36-48V (PI) DC
Power 6W 15W 30W
Control DMX512 DMX512 DMX512
Address code setting Automatic generation Automatic generation Automatic generation
Pixel 4 pixels 10 pixels 20 pixels
DMX control channel 12 channels 30 channels 60 channels
Shell material cast aluminum shell cast aluminum shell cast aluminum shell
Lampshade material transparent transparent transparent
(Optional) white white white
IP Ip65 Ip65 IP65

Pixel line lamp power supply

XTD-001 XTD-002
Without network interface With network interface

Signal power cable, network cable, power supply series cable, power cable

Signal converter

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